Background & Sponsors

For a while now, we’ve been advocating ES6 as we’ve become increasingly convinced that it helps reduce cognitive load for JavaScript developers, thus making code both more legible and modular.

However, even modern browsers don’t fully support all the new features yet, so getting started can be a bit daunting: We need a preprocessor (“transpiler”) to translate ES6 into the more universally supported ES5 and also to combine individual source-code modules into a single bundle. Unfortunately, getting this right is often tricky — so much so that a commonly encountered sentiment is “I’d like to use ES6, but haven’t set up a transpiler yet”.

Similarly, CSS preprocessors like Sass can provide the same benefits for the styling side of web development, but can also be a hassle to set up.

In order to simplify the process, faucet takes care of all the minutiae, providing the underlying infrastructure and reducing configuration to the bare minimum required. With all that out of the way, we can focus on actually writing the code. Thus we can easily recommend it to friends and colleagues and get them started in less than a minute.

The work on this project is sponsored by INNOQ & It is used both in production as well as for internal applications by both companies.